Acumind Didital Agency
About us is really just about you in the end

As we focus on what matters.

Coming from agency land, a land of mythical creatures, the odd human and where promises made could never live up the expectations set when you were sold.

Now we would pull back from saying this was soul destroying” though is not far off the mark. But one must have a frame of reference to know what not to do, so was a lesson received, and we are forever students of life.

We would experience time after time the same issue, like groundhog day, (hey im pretty sure we’ve been here before)  so we got to thinking, as we like to think we are intelligent, surely there’s a better way, surely we can live up to people’s expectations and not take for granted the privilege it is, to work with like mind people.

We firmly believe in a “change your mind, change your life” mindset and we respect, empower, and promote any business that drives health and wellbeing as their core. We are on our mission to open pathways to illumination to create an environment to share knowledge for mutual support.

Acumind has a cohesiveness of vision in providing services from sales to implementation, there is no blind spot, no room for our word to not be matched with the action that proves it.

We are accountable so we can be counted on, we are transparent to the point of being spectres, though we are not spooky, a little weird, we would say idiosyncratic, but this is our uniqueness. Our hallmark,

No wall flowers are we, we argue though are not argumentative, we question positions, challenge assumptions, we do not simply accept, we unearth, we process to transmute that which is given to provide clear direction.

Acumind is a line of sight
Leneila Lynne


Likes a good conspiracy story, the more outrageous the better, its about discovering those connections that would seem random pon closer inspection have greater meaning. Previously coming from a sport/health background Len is on a mission to promote health and wellbeing and is very much driven to heighten mindsets in that growth direction. Forever looking for that cohesiveness of vision and ways to build more intimate relationships whether in life or your business, she is a our resident ferrett but with much better teeth. Just dont ask her about the secret space program