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46% of searches have a “geo intent”

In a mobile 1st world, improving search visibility is absolutely critical to raise awareness of your brand. Convenience is king, so becoming part of people’s world, through their habits and movements is the only way to achieve the ultimate goal of positional value. To do this you need to own a piece of the “mental real estate” of your audience, become part of the (conversation) people have about where they live.

Gain Mental Real Estate.

Local search is ultimately not about where you are, but rather how you are positioned in the minds of your customers,

Every business if different so we work with your unique circumstances to define & enhance the best approach to achieve your goals, we do this through a combination of the following:


Voice search – ensure your website copy is set up for conversational queries, answers are structured and optimised for “sound bites” 

Google my business page – create and optimise and manage this Google asset effectively to work for you

Structured data – enhancing location through effective data markup to define geo relevance

Mobile optimisation – ensure great user experience by optimising your website for mobile

Acumind Didital AgencyPeople don’t always pay to get more, sometimes it’s to feel more..


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Attract & capture highly sort after local traffic

To achieve this goal you need visibility of proximity, and then the visibility of proficiency. There is no point improving local search if we are not looking at the overarching goal of positioning your business within the “mind maps” of your audience. So local search is very much focused on optimising locational value by looking beyond your address to enhance the inherent strengths of your business, your people and indirectly the story people tell about their experience.

local cafe
local reviews

Customer experience is more paramount than ever now (CX)

Customer service is crucial if we are to maximise return, as we want the cumulative effect to build up to become an entrenched position that is not defined by location but rather the experience of your customers.

A local's perspective

Experience extends beyond what you do. So whether it’s tips for people outside the area who are visiting, so offering a “locals perspective” to the area or simply providing useful information regarding amenities, parking or transport options on your website it all adds up. It’s the small things that potentialise the reviews as the social proof.

people talking about reviews

Acumind Didital AgencyProficiency visibility plays a greater role to entrench your position as it is through conversations people have your business grows

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Wellness spending ($4.2 trillion) makes up more than half of the total global health spending ($7.3 trillion).
Only 10% of workers globally have access to workplace wellness programs.
Companies that invest in employee wellness see their stock performing better than the average company on the Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 Index.

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