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Build your Social Media Community.

Balancing the scales of intimacy
and automation.

We like to use the word communities, over “platforms”.

The social media world is busy, noisy, and overcrowded. It has never been about increasing your page likes or growing a fan base. It has always been about growing your own online, engaged community through content marketing.

2020 has risen upon us, and the social media trends are changing just as fast. So where are we now you ask?

Private behaviours have been on the rise with messaging, and more personalised chatbots.

Although this has not hidden the importance of public social media feeds which still hold first place for brand discovery and acquisition, the trick is getting these two worlds to merge seamlessly, balancing automation with the human connection that are the building blocks for deeper, longer-lasting relationships.

The power of human connections

These days, there is a lot of social media content that falls flat, It lacks purpose and simply does not connect.

There has never been such an exciting time to be in right now in terms of content creation. Tik Tok, IGTV and now Linkedin is rolling out a live video feature. Creating opportunities to compose compelling, authentic video content to really invite people into your sphere allowing for deeper, more engaged connections.

It is not only exciting for customers, but also as business owners. It is time to shift the perception and realise that social is just not for acquisition and engagement, but also an unyielding, loyal community that will build retention, and build strong positive brand awareness and reputation.

Acumind Didital AgencyWe look to build not only brand equity but also customer happiness and longevity by taking a holistic approach by uniting social data with other data focusing on more of an omnichannel approach.

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Finding the right connection.

There is still the old school mentality of wanting to engage the whole world, “everyone that has a pulse needs to be part of our community” right?, wrong.

Thinking your message and mission will resonate with every, single person is just naive. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. When it comes to unearthing your audience in most cases, smaller is best, intimacy is the key for better performing campaigns.

And by unearthing those more intimate audiences, we then pose the question, what moves them, what drives them, what inspires them.

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Acumind Didital Agency

Building your community has never been more meaningful & paramount.

We believe in automation, but also

balance being authentically human


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Only 10% of workers globally have access to workplace wellness programs.
Companies that invest in employee wellness see their stock performing better than the average company on the Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 Index.

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